Building an Open Source ESB and Ruby on Rails

Development Lessons Learned

Configuring EJBs and MDBs as singletons helped solve some problems (a JBoss setting allows you to configure this). As for running Spring in a heavily-managed environment, they found that setting singleton="false" solved a lot of problems. The next problem they had was mixing Hibernate and JTA Transactions. No details, just that they had an interesting time and it took them a few days to get it working. The last problem they encountered was using Hibernate and/or Spring JDBC to manage hundreds of thousands of records. Since these O/R tools create objects for each record, OOM errors occurred with large resultsets.


EJBMDBをシングルトンとして設定」って、インスタンスが1つってことなんだろうか. それってパフォーマンスは大丈夫なんだろうか。